Saturday 11 March 2017

The Stationery Book Tag

We were nominated by Lauren @ Always Me! This tag was originally created by River-Moose-Reads.

1. Pencils: Favourite Children's or Middle Grade Book

Clare: Percy Jackson. I love him so much. And the books are great.
Ann: I actually think I am going to agree with Clare on this one, I love the Percy Jackson books.

2. Pens: A Basic Staple for Any Reader

Clare: Is there an answer that isn't Harry Potter? Cause I can't think of one.
Ann: I mean Harry Potter is a good one but I also think that people should read the Septimus Heap series.

3. Notebooks: Books That You Own Multiple Copies Of
Clare: Hahaha! What books don't I own multiple copies of. I have a real problem for getting multiple editions of books. I currently have four copies of The Fault in Our Stars, two of Looking For Alaska, two of The Princess Bride, two of each Harry Potter (except four for the first and three of the second because of the illustrated editions and I've also pre-ordered the Slytherin edition of Philosophers Stone so...?), two copies of every Austen book. Um... Oh yeah, two copies of Caraval although Ann has got one of those and she might keep it. And I think that's it? No wait, three copies of Jane Eyre and that's it. Probably.
Ann: I actually don't have more than one copy of any books, however I do sometimes have a book that Clare also owns.

4. Markers: Books With Beautiful Covers
Clare: I love beautiful books. I am so superficial I have been known to buy a book off cover alone. But some recent covers I am obsessed with are Heartless, Caraval and The Wish Granter.
Ann: I love my copy of Caraval but I also have an amazing copy of Jane Eyre that Clare bought for me that is incredibly beautiful!

5. Glue: Two Characters That Work Together Even If They Aren't Together
Clare: Kaz and Inej come to mind first. I mean the whole crew has an incredible dynamic in general but I just love the relationship between Kaz and Inej and the way they work together as a team.
Ann: Lucy and Lockwood from the Lockwood and Co book series that I love, they make an amazing team but unfortunately they are not together even though I hope they will be!

6. Scissors: What Books Would You Like To Destroy
Clare: I mean, kinda against destruction of books in general but I really do not like 50 shades. Which is a predictable answer I know.
Ann: I don't believe in destroying books, even if I really hated one I would never destroy it. I even hate it in English lessons when a teacher wants me to write in the book!

7. Art Kit: What Completed Series Do You Own
Clare: I own Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Anne of Green Gables, The Lux Series, The Darkest Minds, The Shades of Magic, Something Strange and Deadly, Chaos Walking. Those are the ones in my room. We also have more bookshelves downstairs but those have become shared books and also it would take forever to list them!
Ann: I have Harry Potter, City of Bones, Magyk and Vampire Academy. Although like Clare said we have a lot of full series' in our living room and it would take a long time to list them!

Now we're technically supposed to tag 5 people but we're actually going to leave it open. If you do want to do this tag (and it was fun) then please do and leave a comment so we can visit your blog and see your answers!

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  1. Great responses, you guys! :)

    I've only read the first Septimus Heap book, but it was so much fun!