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Hi, I'm Ann! I am 16 years old and currently doing my final year of GCSE's at school. I have loved reading for a long time thanks to my big sister Clare and my Mum who taught me to love books from a young age. One of my favourite things to do is blog with Clare and read books, it always helps me calm down when I am stressed. I used to be a competitive climber and represented the south west nationally until I had to quit due to injury.

I love Instagram and Facebook but I think Instagram is definitely my favourite! I have always enjoyed taking photos and as well as books I have had an interest in photography and cameras for a few years now. I love movies and TV shows, and have gotten quite good at marathon/binge watching new TV shows that I find on Netflix or on TV. 


Hi, I'm Clare!! I'm 24 years old, a part time student with the Open Uni (English Literature of course)! I've been a voracious reader since I was a child and love blogging - especially with Ann! I'm definitely the planner out of the two of us. I obsessively plan everything sometimes months in advance which probably drives Ann crazy and I'm enormously glad she's stuck with me!! 

My favourite social media is Twitter although I'm slowly learning to love Instagram as well (although I'm still awful at photographs) and I always love to chat (especially about books) so feel free to reach out to me!! My social anxiety makes it hard for me to start a conversation but I'm always open to them!

My second love after books is movies and I am especially fond of bad horror movies (sharknado anyone?) our Dad once called me a "connoisseur of bad movies" and that about sums it up! But I do have some good taste in films too I swear! 

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