Review Policy & Ratings

We will consider most genres but do not often read horror books. We do not accept Erotica.
All our reviews will be our non-biased, honest opinion, there is no guarantee we will give a positive review although we will always be fair. If you would like us to review your book please contact us with the details at the bottom of the page and provide the title and synopsis, we reserve the right to decline books that we do not feel we would enjoy. 
We are happy to take part in promotion for some books such as blog tours, guest posts and cover reveals.

NOTE: I am currently accepting review books. 
I currently upload reviews every Wednesday and Friday. I prefer physical copies but can accept e-books. 
Preferred genres are;
  • Young Adult Fantasy
  • Young Adult Contemporary
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Historical
  • Fantasy
5 stars: I loved this book, any faults were so minor they didn't affect my enjoyment of the book and I have probably already recommended it to everyone I know.
4.5 stars: So, so close. There was something missing or some element that bugged me but I still really loved it and highly recommend it.
4 stars: Above average, I really liked this book, there were just one or two things I didn't like.
3.5 stars: I wasn't enthusiastic about this book but there was enough potential that, if it's in a series, I will probably continue on.
3 stars: There was nothing I hated about this book but there was nothing I really liked either. Fairly average and I probably won't be continuing the series. It's possible it just wasn't for me.
2 stars: There were a couple of redeeming qualities but overall I disliked this book.
1 star: I really disliked this book, I very rarely give only one star.

I am currently not receiving review requests. 

Preferred genres are;
  • Young Adult Fantasy/Dystopian
  • Middle Grade
  • Mysteries
  • Thrillers
5 stars: It was amazing and I loved it a lot. I probably couldn't find any faults with it.
4 stars: There were one or two faults but overall I enjoyed it.
3 stars: Average. Not one of the best books I've read but there wasn't anything I truly hated.
2 stars: I finished it but would never re-read it and I probably got rid of the book.
1 star: I probably didn't even finish it.



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