Wednesday 19 August 2015

Bout of Books Challenge: Mash

Clare: Today's challenge was hosted by Rocky Top Real Talk. We really enjoyed doing this one, for me it was a lot like being in school again. We decided to follow my school rules, which for some reason were half good/half bad options. Which means there is always a chance it could end terribly! (Kids in my school were clearly realists and not optimists!) Ann then did whatever magical thing she does on a computer (seriously, I'm supposed to be the computer generation but I don't have a clue!) and created this for us:
Hope you enjoyed our Challenge.

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  1. Love both the Mash's. Evil minion now are you an evil minion like the yellow minions from Despicable me or are you actually going to be a good, evil minion? yummmm Finnick.

    1. I picked that one to put on their for Ann and I definitely meant a real evil minion - dastardly plans and everything! And Finnick was basically like my ideal choice there so that worked out well!