Saturday 11 February 2017

Bookish Identity Tag

This tag was created by by Little Book OwlKatytastic and Benjaminoftomes. This was an amazing tag to do the first time and so I loved Clare's idea of re-answering it this year! The first time we did this we picked answers for each other so choosing them for ourselves this time was really interesting. Clare did this tag earlier in the week and you can check out her answers here.

1) What Dystopian or Fantastical World Would You Live In?
Last Time We Said:
Ann: For Clare I picked the world of Narnia. Not sure whether she would prefer before the White Witch or after though.
Clare: I'm gonna pick the world of Magyk, Ann is constantly going on about those books so I figured she'd at least know her way around.

I found this question really difficult because I love a lot of dystopian and fantasy worlds but I think that I would want to live in The Mortal Instruments world because I love the idea of having runes and fighting demons, it would be amazing! 

Note: Clare chose really well too though, I would definitely love to live in the world of Magyk. However I would prefer to live in the world of The Mortal Instruments.

2) Who Would Your Partner Be?
Last Time We Said:
Ann: Isabelle Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments for Clare. This one is an obvious one, who wouldn't want Isabelle as their partner?
Clare: I am not sure if this was intended to be a romantic partner or a friend one but since I don't intend to start shipping my sister with people lets keep it friendly. Erm... this is really hard. I'm going to go with the Mortal Instruments as well and pick Magnus Bane. I feel like he'd keep you out of trouble Ann and for bonus points he'd be a lot of fun. I'm almost jealous.

I am not sure what this question means by partner so I am going to pick a friend and a 'partner'. As a friend I would want Isabelle Lightwood as my friend because she would be so much fun! Also I would want to date Jace probably because I've always liked him! Funnily enough I picked both my answers from The Mortal Instruments!

Note: Ha, Clare picked a character from The Mortal Instruments too, I would however definitely want to be friends with every character from The Mortal Instruments because they are all amazing.

3) Who Would Be Your Godly Mother or Father? (Percy Jackson series)
Last Time We Said:
Ann: I struggled with this one because I have never actually read Percy Jackson so I took a quiz imagining I was Clare and got Athena!
Clare: I feel like Zeus would be Ann's father. She is a climber so she clearly has no problem with heights so the flying perks would be great. Plus lightning.

I was not sure about this at first but I think I would want my Godly father to be Zeus because he is the God of the Sky and I used to love climbing and I loved heights so I would love to have Zeus as my Godly father, but I would never want any father other than mine!

Note: Nice, Clare also chose Zeus for me that is brilliant!

4) Would You be a Downworlder of Nephilim? (Shadowhunters)
Last Time We Said:
Ann: Me and Clare both agree on this one, we would be downworlders - specifically warlocks because it looks like fun.
Clare: Yeah, like Ann said we've actually discussed this one before (because we are just that cool) so this was kind of an easy one.

This one is not hard, I would always pick Downworlder, I mean who would not choose to be a warlock, it would be so much fun!

Note: Me and Clare have always said that we would prefer to be a Downworlder although I know that being a Nephilim would also be interesting!

5) Which House Would You Be In? (Harry Potter)
Last Time We Said:
Ann: Another one where we will have the same answer: Slytherin. That's what we got on Pottermore.
Clare: Yep, this isn't just us calling each other evil, the sorting hat decreed. I even have a Slytherin cushion and a Slytherin scarf. (We went a tad overboard when we visited the Harry Potter studios).

An easy one again! I am a Slytherin along with Clare and our brother (our other brother is a Gryffindor).

6) Which Faction Would You Be In? (Divergent) 
Last Time We Said:
Ann: I picked Erudite for this one because I think Clare is a very intelligent person.
Clare: This is difficult because I know that Ann wants Dauntless but its so hard to categorise someone. Also I have now forgotten basically all the factions. Oh I don't know, I think if you are brave enough to commit to being Dauntless you're clearly brave enough to be a Dauntless. So there you go Ann, you can have that one. I'll miss you when we're on opposite sides of this battle.

I would want to be Dauntless because it seems like the faction that I would do best in, I love the idea of learning how to fight and protect myself! I would really enjoy being in Dauntless.

Note: I am glad that Clare thinks I would be OK in Dauntless because it would have been annoying if my sister didn't think I would be brave enough.

7) What Would Be Your Daemon? (Northern Lights)
Last Time We Said:
Ann: I think that Clare's daemon would be some kind of cat/big cat so I looked into it and decided to go for the snow leopard.
Clare: Wow, research. I'm now really curious which characteristics of the Snow Leopard are the ones that made you think of me. But I'll take it. I was fully committed to saying Panda and then I had a panic moment about whether that was inaccurate after you actually researched yours so I did your thing and took a quiz and you got Panda! So yay! (It actually gave a few options: Chameleon, elephant, and swan- but an elephant would be ridiculous, swans scare me and you'd lose a chameleon don't even try to tell me you wouldn't)

I thought about this a lot but I think that I would want my Daemon to be a chimpanzee because I have always wanted a pet monkey and I think that it would be the closest I would come to having one!

Note: To be fair when we first did this tag I really loved pandas and so my answer would have probably been pandas then. However it has changed now!

This was a really fun tag to do and although I am not going to tag anyone I would love to see what your answers would be to these questions!

You can also find us on Goodreads (Ann and Clare) to keep up with what we are reading.


  1. Fun tag. :) I'd take Narnia (no White Witch!) or maybe Middle earth. Somewhere nice and safe like the Shire. :) And I'd go with erudite or amity maybe for a faction (as long as Erudite wasn't causing trouble lol).

    1. Yeah Narnia or the Shire would be really nice, that is interesting, I love hearing other peoples answers to these questions!

  2. I'm kind of jealous about the Magnus thing too. :)

    1. I would love to meet Magnus, he would be so much fun! :)