Friday 3 February 2017

A Classic a Month: February!!

This year both Ann and I made our Bookish Resolutions posts (here and here) and realised we both wanted to read more classics. At least one a month. So we each made a pile of books we plan to read and set each other the task of choosing a book for the other.

What We Read in January:
Pride and PrejudiceEmma
Ann: I was aiming to read both Pride and Prejudice and Emma but unfortunately, due to mock exams, I was only able to read Pride and Prejudice. I really enjoyed it and I am not sure why I didn't read it sooner!
Clare: I finished both Pride and Prejudice and Emma this month and I loved re-reading them. I swear every time I read an Austen novel I find something new to enjoy. Emma is still my absolute favourite but I hope I get to re-read her other novels soon as well! 

Our February Classics:
North and SouthBarnaby Rudge
Ann: I will be reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell which I know is one of Clare's favourites. She's read it a few times and has been nagging me to read it for ages so I am glad to finally get to it!
Clare: I am going to be reading Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens. I don't even know what this is about but I love Dickens so I will probably enjoy it! I am constantly picking up his books in charity shops so I have a couple I need to get to soon-ish!

You can also find us on Goodreads (Ann and Clare) to keep up with what we are reading.

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