Thursday 5 January 2017

Clare's December Wrap Up and January TBR

December Wrap Up

In December I read a total of 18 books. I did miss out on reaching my Goodreads challenge goal by 4 books but I am really proud of how many books I read last year!

The Twelve Dates of Christmas - The Complete NovelTwelve Days of ChristmasFirelight (Darkest London, #1)Starry NightA Christmas Tail
18. Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickenson: This one came down to me just not clicking with the characters which made it a struggle to get through! There was a definite Christmassy feeling to it though so I am sure a lot of other people would enjoy this one.
17. Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley: Again, this was just characters. It was such a cosy, Christmas read and I read it super quickly. I just  got really annoyed with some of the characters actions.
16. Firelight by Kristen Callihan: This was a bit of a disappointment to me. It was an OK read and I didn't struggle with it but it was also very forgettable. I've heard some good things about this series but I am not sure I really want to continue with the series.
15. Starry Night by Debbie Macomber: This was a quick and easy read with some interesting characters but the romance developed way too fast (possibly because the book was so short) which left me feeling a little unconvinced about this great love.
14. A Christmas Tail by Cressida McLaughlin: This was a charming and lovely read. I loved the characters, especially the main character and I was invested in the outcome for them all. Friendships were really good in this one as well which I always appreciate.
The Parisian Christmas Bake OffThe Santa Klaus MurderGame of FearMince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas MarketChristmas Eve at Friday Harbour (Friday Harbor, #1)
13. The Parisian Christmas Bake Off by Jenny Oliver: I picked this up at least partly because I was missing Bake Off. I liked the characters and the Baking plot but didn't really care whether the romance went well or not. 
12. The Santa Klaus Murder by Mavis Doriel Hay: This was a good, old-fashione cosy mystery that kept me guessing. I did find it a little hard to keep track of the characters sometimes (all of which seemed to have at least two names) but I think this would make an amazing TV movie/series.
11. Game of Fear by Glede Browne Kabongo: I will have a full review up for this soon. Great characters and a compelling mystery. The writing style wasn't always for me but I did end up enjoying this one.
10. Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market by Heidi Swain: Super cosy, Christmas read. It was a very enjoyable read which is good as this was my last Christmas read of the year and it ended on a high!
9. Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas: This was another great, quick Christmas read. But again the length of the book meant the romance developed a little fast for my liking, although it was slightly more convincing here.
Christmas in Eternity Springs (Eternity Springs #12)Christmas at Lilac Cottage (White Cliff Bay #1)Christmas Ever AfterSomeone to Love (Westcott, #1)The Haunting of Maddy Clare
8. Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March: One of my favourite Christmas reads and really close to being a five star read! Eternity Springs seems like it's own character sometimes and I love how real the characters all seemed.
7. Christmas at Lilac Cottage by Holly Martin: This book was as lovely as it's cover! I haven't read anything by Holly Martin before but I am definitely putting her on my Christmas TBR next year as well because I was very impressed with this one. 
6. Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan: Sarah Morgan is one of my new favourites. Alec and Skylar were such a great couple and I also really enjoyed seeing the couples from previous books in this as well! 
5. Someone to Love by Mary Balogh: This was a great start to a new series by Mary Balogh - I am excited to see where the story goes next. I loved the couple in this one and the development of their relationship. I think this will definitely be one I re-read.
4. The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James: This is a favourite book of mine - and Simone St. James is another favourite author. I ended the year re-reading this and it was just as enjoyable as the first time I read it.
Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling, #1)The Trouble with Mistletoe (Heartbreaker Bay, #2)Miracle On 5th Avenue (From Manhattan with Love #3)
3. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh: This was recommended to me and I am so glad I decided to read it. It's the first in a very long series that I am aiming to catch up on by the end of 2017 - this was a great start with well developed characters.
2. The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis: This is the second book in the Heartbreaker Bay series! The third book is being released this month and I am very excited for it! This wasn't as Christmassy as some of my other reads but the romance and the friendships were excellent.
1. Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan: Far and away my favourite this month! This left me with such a huge smile on my face and I already want to re-read it! I am so impressed with Sarah Morgan's writing and her character development!

Reviews Posted This Month:

For the first time in a while I don't think I'm going to make a TBR for this month. I kind of just want to read whatever I most feel like. I have a couple of pre-orders for this month that I may or may not want to read straight-away and a few review books I need to get to by the end of February! I haven't been TBR-less for a really long time but I think this will be good for me!

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  1. All of those wonderful Christmas books lol ! You had a great reading month ! And I'm definitely like you. I didn't make a concrete TBR list and I don't plan to.

    1. I usually love making TBR lists (even if I don't stick to them) but this month I just felt like a change!

  2. So many Christmasy novels. Aw, man, now I'm kind of sad the holidays are over. I stopped making monthly TBR's because I missed the freedom of reading whatever I wanted when I wanted to. Hope your January is fantastic!

    1. That's exactly it! I just wanted more freedom to choose this month! Hope you have a wonderful January too!

  3. What a lovely way to start 2017 and an excellent set of books to finish the last year. Happy New Year and I do hope you find lots of lovely books to read.

  4. 18 books - go you!! Your 2016 number of reads is impressive :)

    1. Thank you! I was a bit disappointed to not reach my goal but I think I did good anyway! :)