Saturday 20 May 2017

Dealing With Exam Stress

I have exams starting soon and one of the biggest issues I have in preparing for them is stress; I know I am not the only one so I thought that I might suggest a few ways of just trying to remain calm and not panic! One of the biggest reasons why I don't do as well as I could in exams is due to having panic attacks in the middle of them so I have tried to develop a few ways of coping and I thought I would share them with you!

1) The first way I try to stay in control and remain calm is to just breathe. I know it sounds simple but if you just take a minute to clear your head and breath, to just focus on the exam and the facts that you know and not what you don't know it can help.

2) Revise, if you don't want to panic about not doing well in an exam try to revise, the more you know about the subject that you are taking an exam on then the less you have to panic about. Again this sounds obvious but I know that some people in my school haven't done as much revision as they could and it is going to cause unnecessary stress that could be avoided, trust me!

3) Be prepared, double check that you have all the equipment the night before the exam, if you have all the equipment that you need and you know that you definitely have it then it gives you one less thing to worry about. I went shopping and brought all new exam equipment and it made me feel ready, prepared and calmer.

4) Don't over revise. Although revision can help, it is also one main sources of stress, not know what to revise because their is so much, doing hours of revision and feeling like you cannot remember anything. You can always make a revision timetable depending on what exams you have first, and do revision in 30-45 minute sessions otherwise after about 45 minutes you stop being as focused and then the revision isn't worth the stress.

I hope that this can help a few of you, if you are sitting any exams soon and if you are Good Luck!

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