Sunday 1 November 2015

Sunday Post 1st November 2015

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Halloween is over! I am kind of sad about that. I usually don't get too into Halloween but this year I really felt in the spirit of things. I didn't go out last night, instead I stayed in and watched the Sharknado trilogy, which for some reason I hadn't previously watched. And discovered that I love it. It is so exactly my thing. I love terrible horror movies and these are clearly the best of the worst! Ann is away visiting a friend for Halloween and won't be back until later today but here's hoping she had as good a time socialising as I had watching brilliantly terrible movies! How did you spend Halloween?

Last Week on the Blog:
Crystallum (Primordial Principles #1)
Crystallum by Laney McMann: I have read the beginning of this and found it weird in a good way. I received this for review via Netgalley.

Twisted Dark, Volume 1This Raging LightCold-Hearted RakeNexis
Twisted Dark by Neil Gibson: I got this in my Geek Box for October. It's not something I would usually choose for myself but it does look interesting so I look forward to trying it.
This Raging Light by Estelle Laure: Received from netgalley for review, this sounds like a really cute read. It's set for release in January so I will probably wait until nearer the release date before I read and review it!
Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas: I have already read this and really liked it!
Nexis by A.L. Davroe: Another one from Netgalley, this one sounds great and since it is released in December I will probably be reading it sometime this month.
The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy, #1)The Impersonator (Roaring Twenties Mystery, #1)
The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas: Finally I have all the books in the series! Now I can read them, definitely excited for these.
The Impersonator by Mary Miley: This is about a woman pretending to be someone else in order to claim an inheritance. I am hoping there is some doubt about whether she is or is not the woman she is pretending to be because I love books like that! There is a sequel so if I like this I may have to check that out!

Reading Update:
This week was half-term so I had more time to read than I usually do and I managed to read 7 books!
Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2)Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4)
Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, #5)Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6)Carry On
Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead: 5 stars, I really enjoyed these and I am planning to read her Bloodlines series next!
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: 5 stars, I loved this book. I wish I could just keep re-reading it!

I started the week with a book hangover from reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, so I decided to read some regency romance which always seems to bring me out of any reading slump! And thankfully it worked! It does mean that my reading this week wasn't very Halloween appropriate but I did manage to get a few Halloween books in there!
The Many Lives of John StoneMore Than a Mistress (Mistress Trilogy #1)No Man's Mistress (Mistress Trilogy #2)The Secret Mistress (Mistress Trilogy #3)Cold-Hearted Rake
The Many Lives of John Stone by Linda Buckley-Archer: 3.5 stars, a little long and I didn't enjoy the historical sections as much as the modern sections but a very interesting read with great characters.
More Than a Mistress by Mary Balogh: 4 stars, I really enjoyed this. I liked the main couple's romance and flew through the book.
No Man's Mistress by Mary Balogh: 4 stars, another fun, quick read. I really liked that the innocent and rake roles were kinda switched, that was good.
The Secret Mistress by Mary Balogh: 4 stars, I was a little nervous about this because it's the third book but it's also a prequel but it did somehow work.
Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas: 4 stars, really enjoyable. There were some side characters here who I am pretty sure will be getting their own books soon and I am definitely looking forward to those!
Mistress Of MellynDelia's Shadow (Delia Martin, #1)This Monstrous ThingNever Never
Mistress of Mellyn by Victoria Holt: 3.5 stars, I managed to spoil the ending for myself before I even started (silly me) but it was still a great read. I would definitely like to read more by Victoria Holt if anyone has any suggestions on what I should read next?
Delia's Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer: 4.5 stars, well that was unsettling. Really well written and great characters. Only downside being I was completely unable to sleep after reading it! There are two sequels but this one ended so well I am not sure yet if I will read them.
This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee: 3.5 stars, I thought this was interesting but could have been a lot darker! I also thought some of the more interesting characters were underused. I have a full review up here.
Never Never by Brianna R. Shrum: 3.5 stars, This was kind of heartbreaking. Poor Hook! This was mostly a prequel although the bit to the end did follow the original story more closely. I never liked Peter Pan, but now I kind of resent Tiger Lily as well. 
A Thousand NightsMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1)
A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston: 4 stars, So beautifully and dreamily written.  I really liked this. I loved that we never learn so many of the characters names. It's inevitably going to be compared with The Wrath & The Dawn but they are so different in actual content and my enjoyment of one does not affect my enjoyment of the other. Also this book is so crazy beautiful. Have I mentioned that? 
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs: 3 stars, I didn't like this as much as I thought I would. I didn't like the main character and I thought the romance was very odd. I did like the pictures although I felt like the story was too much forced around them.

Classics Update:
The Turn of the ScrewThe Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Ann: I am just starting The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. I know that Clare really likes this story. It's a scary story so probably would have been great for Halloween but hopefully I will enjoy it just as much now.
Clare: I have only just started this today so I am only on page 22 at the moment but I am liking it so far and I have high hopes for the rest of the book!

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  1. Halloween was rainy here and it definitely impacted turnout, not a lot of kids came by. It was a quiet night but that was nice too. Sharknado is so bad it's fun, I agree. :)

    I like the cover of Nexis. Looks fun.

    1. We didn't get any trick or treaters at all this year which is definitely a new thing, we don't usually get many but we've always had at least some before! I love the so bad they're fun kind of movies, can't believe I waited this long to watch Sharknado!
      I hope Nexis is fun!

  2. I am so glad you loved Carry On! I've seen mixed reviews, but I'm excited to read it eventually! Have a great week! :)

    1. I hope you enjoy it. It is such an amazing book! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Enjoy your week! Carry On is certainly on my radar.

    I read one book from Lisa Kleypas, from the Friday Harbor series. I enjoyed it.


    1. I hope you have a nice week too. You should definitely read Carry On is it brilliant! Thanks for visiting!

  4. It was rainy here but I don't get trick-or-treaters out where I live anyway. I love the Sharnado movies too. Big fan of B-movies. So bad yet so fun! LOL

    My Sunday Post -

    1. I always love B-movies! I think they must be such fun to be a part of. But the Sharknado ones are truly great! :)

  5. Here Halloween isn't as popular yet, so it was just a normal day for me, I did bake some pumpkin muffins. And I saw lots of awesome costumes on social media from the people I follow and friend. Watching bad movies sounds like a great way to spend Halloween.
    I also got Nexis this week, it sounds like a great book! I read the Vampire Academy series a while ago and really enjoyed the series, still have to read the last Bloodlines book, but so far that one is rgeat too. I hope you both have a great week!

    1. I have been to precisely one Halloween party in my life, which was fine but I am more of a stay at home and watch bad movies kind of girl! Pumpkin muffins sounds delicious!
      I hope we both enjoy Nexis then! And I love the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines series as well, I am so glad Ann is enjoying them as much as I did! Have a great week! :)

  6. Nexis has a beautiful cover. Great haul and recaps!

    1. It was definitely the cover that drew me to it and then the plot sounded great as well! Thank you for visiting!

  7. You have a handful of awesome and good looking books here! So many genres and beautiful covers! Happy reading and can't wait to see what you think about them! :)

    My STS:

    1. I am definitely a cover-lust buyer! And I like most genres, except possibly horror! I am so easily scared it's ridiculous!

  8. I've been seeing Nexis a lot lately, seems to be a pretty popular read. Hope you enjoy all of them and Happy November!

    1. I hope I enjoy it then! Happy November and thanks for visiting!

  9. I've really enjoyed Lisa Kleypas' books. I'm glad you liked this one.

    1. I've really enjoyed everything I've read from her so far and I look forward to more!