Thursday 5 November 2015

October Wrap Up & November TBR

Ann: This month I have read 12 books which is better than I normally do so I am very pleased with it. I also really enjoyed every book so I had a very good reading month.

Ann's Favourite Book of the Month:
Girl Online On Tour (Girl Online, #2)
Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg
So that I don't pick the same book as Clare I am going to go with Girl Online On Tour because I really enjoyed it. I will have my full review up for Girl Online On Tour on Saturday. Carry On was amazing though and I probably would have chosen it if Clare hadn't already chosen it.

Ann's Reviews in October:

Clare: This month I read a total of 44 books, which means I have met my Goodreads target for the year of 400 books which I am pretty proud of myself for! There were a lot of new releases in October that I was excited for so I had a fairly good reading month!

Clare's Favourite Book of the Month:
Carry On
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: This book was phenomenal! I really loved the characters and the world and just everything. I have a full review linked below if you'd like to see more of my thoughts.

Clare's Reviews in October:
Ann's TBR for November 2015:
A Face Like GlassMechanicaDevilish
I am not planning on reading many books next month although I may get around to reading a few more than this. I am just going to focus on my GCSE's this month because I got my report back recently and I wasn't very pleased with it so am going to work harder and get it better. But I am really excited about all three of this.

Clare's TBR for November 2015:
New Releases:
Truly, Madly, Famously (Famous in Love, #2)How We FallNovember 9Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)The Infinite Loop #1Hotel RubySoundlessThe Widow's Confession
October was a crazy month for new releases so I am kind of relieved that I only have a few new releases in November. I am most excited for Winter and The Infinite Loop. I am excited to be finally finishing the Lunar Chronicles! And The Infinite Loop just sounds amazing. I haven't heard much about How We Fall but the concept intrigues me a lot! With all the other books they are by authors that I have loved in the past and am really looking forward to reading! I am not sure what else I will be reading this month, I currently want to read contemporary, historical and fantasy all at the same time. So we shall see where it goes.

Classics Wrap Up:
Little Women (Little Women, #1)
I really really enjoyed Little Women it was such a great book.

Washington SquareThe Pension BeaurepasA Bundle of Letters
My classic read for October was Washington Square by Henry James, I found that I really enjoyed it and so read it much faster than I had originally intended which meant I was able to read a couple of short stories as well; The Pension Beaurepas and A Bundle of Letters both also by Henry James. Both of these were more character driven than plot driven which I actually quite enjoyed (although I possibly wouldn't have done if they had been longer).

Classics TBR:
The Turn of the ScrewThe Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Ann: My classic for the month is The Turn of the Screw which sounds like a good book. If I finish it quickly I will then also be reading Daisy Miller because it is such a tiny book.
Clare: In November I will be reading The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo. I have had this book for years and never read it, mostly because it intimidates me too much. I read Les Miserables a while ago and really enjoyed it so I should enjoy this as well. I think spreading it out over a month will make it a lot easier to read than reading it all in one go, which is what I did with Les Mis. 

You can also find us on Goodreads (Ann and Clare) to keep up with what we are reading


  1. 44 books is AMAZING!! I'm happy to be keeping up with 4 finally. I actually read 1700 pages in October which is so much better than I've done lately. (And Ann - 12 books is incredible too - that's how I used to read and really need to get back to it!).

    1. I read way too much at the moment. My best friend is living in Wales so I don't see her much and I live in the middle of nowhere anyway so there isn't much to do but read! Ann did great this month I agree, she has so much schoolwork to do at the moment so it amazes me sometimes she has time to read at all!

  2. 44 books is crazy good! Actually 12 books is also crazy good, I'm satisfied when I read seven. I'm really excited for Winter and I need to get my hands on Mechanica. Have a lovely November!

    1. I really enjoyed Mechanica when I read it, I thought the ending was great. Winter is definitely my most anticipated for November! So excited. Plus it's over 800 pages long which I love!