Sunday 20 August 2017

Reading Quest Week 1 Progress

Starting Point: Rogue, 10XP, 10HP, Level 1

Sunday 13th August:

Read Powerless for the category "Potions: A book concocted by 2 authors" - I was originally going to use this book for Small Press but decided to switch it up and use it for a side quest instead. This was 320 pages so counts for 32HP and 10XP.

Monday 14th August:

Nothing read as I was at work all day! 

Tuesday 15th August:

Read A Beautiful Poison which was a buddy read so I am counting it towards the side quest "Multiplayer: Buddy read a book". It was 333 pages so counts for 33HP and 20XP (marginalised author).

Wednesday 16th August:

Read Wanted which I am counting towards the side quest "Expansion: Read a companion novel". It was 298 pages and counts for 29HP and 10XP.

Thursday 17th August and Friday 18th August:

Nothing read again. 

Saturday 19th August:

Read Shifting Sands by Michael Shusko which I really enjoyed (and will have a review up for soon) - counting this one towards a main quest for my Rogue (Finally I actually start my main quest!!) - "A Book Published by a Small Press". It was 336 pages and counts for 33HP and 10XP. Which means I level up!! 

End of Week Total: Rogue, 50 XP, 127 HP, Level 2

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