Wednesday 6 April 2016

Wednesday Catch-Up 6th April 2016

Every Wednesday we are linking up with WWW Wednesday. WWW Wednesday is hosted at Taking on a World of Words and asks 3 questions: What are you currently reading?, What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you'll read next? 


Currently Reading:

A Need So Beautiful (A Need So Beautiful, #1) Tale of Two Cities

I am currently reading A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young which I have only read the first chapter of so far but so far I am enjoying it. I am also reading City of Bones which me and Clare are reading for our Mortal Instruments read-along where we read 1 of the books in the series. I always like enjoy the Mortal Instruments series which is one of my favourite series. Then I am also reading my classic for the month which is A Tale of Two Cities which I am also really enjoying and hoping to have finished by the end of this month.

Recently Finished:

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)Four: A Divergent Story Collection (Divergent, #0.1 - 0.4)To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #2)

I have recently finished a lot of books as so far this month I have read 10 books but so I don't bore you all by listing them all I will simply tell you my 4 most recently finished books. I have read recently Winter which was amazing and I loved it the only bad part was that now the series is over and I have no more books in the series that I can read. I have also finished Four which was okay but I don't read books from the perspective of a man so it did confuse me a lot but it was still a very good book. I also finished P.S. I Still Love You which was a good book but the characters were unrealistic and they never just talked to each other they would always over react about things which is just so silly. I also read the book that comes before P.S. I Still Love You which was To All The Boy I've Loved Before which I also enjoyed and the characters although unrealistic and over the top did develop and become better people which I liked.
Planning to Read Next:

SandRider (TodHunter Moon, #2)A Want So Wicked (A Need So Beautiful, #2)

Next I plan on reading Sand Rider and A Want So Wicked both of which I hope will be good and also I have been meaning to read Sand Rider which I have been very excited to read as I love all the books written by Angie Sage.

You can also find us on Goodreads (Ann and Clare) to keep up with what we are reading.


  1. The Mortal Instrument series is amazing! I would reread it anytime :)

    Aeriko @ The Reading Armchair

    1. It has to be one of my favourite series ever. You should read it this month with us we are reading 2 chapters a day. Reply if you want more info. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I love the Mortal Instruments series. Enjoy! :D

    1. I love it too it is such an amazing book series. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I'm sorry 'Four' didn't do it for you. I've never read any of the recent 'book from another character's perspective' that have been so popular. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

    1. I wasn't sure about it either I mean it was nice seeing his background but I didn't really like it that much. Thanks for visiting!