Saturday 30 April 2016

Marvel Characters Book Tag

We are actually just about to go out and watch Captain America: Civil War so now seemed a great time to do this tag. And in honour of Captain America I have even added on a bonus question!

1) Black Widow - Favourite Badass Character
Clare: Katniss from The Hunger Games. I just love her character so much. She is complex and flawed and yes, badass. 
Ann: Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments. I love he so so much. She is so badass and amazing and I love her in both books, tv series and film.

2) Ant-Man - A Book That Sounds Bad But Is Awesome
Clare: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. This book follows such a messed up situation in such a great way. This was the first to spring to mind because when I was reading it someone at work asked me casually what the book was about and I didn't have any ideas on how to respond without sounding crazy! I'm not sure awesome would be the best word to describe it but it is brilliantly written and very thought provoking.
Ann: Magyk by Angie Sage. At first when i read this blurb it sounded ok but not amazing and then I read it and it was amazing and I have loved ever book that I have read in the series since then.

3) Groot - A Character That Says Little But Is Important
Clare: I am going to cheat a little and say Hedwig and Crookshanks from Harry Potter. I loved Hedwig from the start and then Crookshanks came along and stole my heart as well. 
Ann: Tom, Penny's brother for Girl Online. He never really ever said anything but he was always a character I liked cause he was so protective and amazing.

4) Rocket - Favourite Loudmouth Character
Clare: I instantly thought of Jace from City of Bones for this one. He definitely talks the big talk!
Ann: Hugo from Confessions of a murder suspect. He is such a loudmouthed character and I actually kinda love him.

5) Ultron - Favourite Sci-Fi Book Character
Clare: Kady from Illuminae. I actually love all the characters in this book but she immediately caught me from the first page and I look forward to seeing more of her in future books!
Ann: I dont really read a lot of sci-fi books but i agree with Clare I loved Kady from Illuminae and she is the only sci-fi character that I can think of that I liked.

6) Pepper Potts - Favourite Sidekick
Clare: I struggled with this for some reason but eventually decided on Luna, Neville, Hermione and Ron from Harry Potter. I'm cheating again I know. But they all have strengths and they are so supportive of each other and of Harry and I love those books. 
Ann: Alec, he isn't really a sidekick but Clare cheated on a question so I will too. Alec is one of my favourite characters from the Mortal Instruments so I choose him.

7) Iron Man - A Book With a Lot of Hype
Clare: I am going to go with one I haven't read yet - The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead. I was so excited when I first got it and then its sat on my shelf since waiting for me to de-hype myself because I don't want to be disappointed!
Ann: The Fault In Our Stars. I feel like before I read this book I was worried about being disappointed because all my friends were talking about how amazing it was and how much they love it.

8) Wolverine - A Character I Hate to Love
Clare: Another one I struggled with. But I decided to go for Rosalie from Twilight. I really enjoyed those books the first time round but less so now. Which means I don't re-read them - and yet I do love Rosalie's character.
Ann: Valentine. I really hate the stuff he did but a part of me actually kinda like him.

9) Jean Grey - Good Character Turned Bad
Clare: Ooh this was a hard one! Avoiding spoilers alone is terrible, so just in case - if you haven't read the Vampire Academy series and want to, look away now! I am going to have to go with Dimitri.
Ann: Noah from Girl Online On Tour, who was kind of a character who was good but then was a bad person and then became good again but I was annoyed with him for his brief peroid of being a jerk.

10) Spiderman - Character With a Unique Trait
Clare: Hallie from Infinityglass. I mean, all the characters in this serious have some pretty interesting traits but she is genuinely one of a kind. 
Ann: Tandy fro confessions of a murder suspect. She is incredible smart and just amazing and so far I think she is a pretty unique character.

Bonus: Captain America - Your Original Favourite
Clare: My original favourite book was Alice in Wonderland. But the first time I remember absolutely adoring a character was, I think, Anne from Anne of Green Gables.

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  1. Fun tag! I agree about Kady from illuminae, she was a great character. And I just watched Vampire academy (yes I know it's not supposed to be very good, but I was curious) - is Dimitri the trainer guy?

    1. She was a brilliant character! And I enjoyed the film it was just my kind of film, also yes that is Dimitri. The ending of the film was ruined for me when I walked in on my brother watching it and at the time I hadn't even read the books but I still enjoyed both the book and the film. Thank you for visiting!