Saturday 21 May 2016

Ann's Review: Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Confessions of a Murder Suspect (Confessions, #1)
Title: Confessions of a Murder Suspect
Author: James Patterson
Series: Confessions #1
Pages: 360
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5/5
Blurb: On the night Malcolm and Maud Angel are murdered, Tandy Angel knows just three things: She was the last person to see her parents alive. The police have no suspects besides Tandy and her three siblings. She can't trust anyone -— maybe not even herself.
Having grown up under Malcolm and Maud's intense perfectionist demands, no child comes away undamaged. Tandy decides that she will have to clear the family name, but digging deeper into her powerful parents' affairs is a dangerous -- and revealing -- game. Who knows what the Angels are truly capable of? 

"He couldn't believe how we lived. 
And I can't say I blame him."

I didn't really know much about this book from the start as I had brought it myself when we did a book order. The more and more of it that I read the more I loved it. This book was a perfect mixture of mystery and fun. 

I loved all of the characters is this book cause they were all different. I think that the writers did an amazing job making all the characters different and complex. One of my favourite characters has to be the main characters little brother, Hugo. He was just such a fun character and I found myself laughing a lot at what he did. I even ended up laughing in the middle of a silent reading lesson and school. I love all the characters in this book and they were all well written.

I loved this books plot. I loved that it gave you the things needed to solve the case spread out in the book, and I also enjoyed the fact that although I had my suspicions about what had actually happened I couldn't know if I was correct until the end until it was revealed. Overall I loved that the plot wasn't entirely based around the murders it was also about the characters and how they were dealing with everything that they had found out about their parents. 

Although there weren't many places described in this book, the places that were described were very detailed and I could see them in my head as if I was there and I wasn't just reading about them. I love when this happens when I read books, I love the feeling of being in the story and this book made me feel that way.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and would recommend that you read it if you not only love mystery books but also if you love complex characters and also funny parts. This book was very well written and all in all one of my favourite mystery books that I have read.

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  1. Ohh great review I've been dying to read a James Patterson book for a long time now, I heard nothing but great things about his books. And this one looks and sounds very intriguing and amazing! Thank you for your awesome post.

    1. Thanks I don't write many reviews but it is nice knowing someone likes them. Hope you enjoy his books. Thank you for visiting!