Saturday 17 December 2016

Festive Christmas Book Tag

This tag was created by GirlReading and as it's nearly Christmas (only 8 more sleeps to go!) I decided to have a go at this tag!

1) A fictional family you would like to spend Christmas dinner with
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2)
This absolutely has to be the Weasley's! Who wouldn't want to spend Christmas with them??

2) A bookish item that you would like to receive as a gift
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)
Oh no, this is going to be another one of those tags where I just get stuck on Harry Potter isn't it? Anything from the Wizarding World. I already have a wand (Fleur's) and a whole bunch of Slytherin goodies. 

3) A fictional character that you think would make the perfect christmas elf
Pollyanna (Pollyanna, #1)
Dobby. I'm kidding. Erm... I think Pollyanna. I loved that book as a child - and I think she would really capture the joy of Christmas and giving!

4) Match a book to its perfect Christmas song
Crystal Storm (Falling Kingdoms, #5)
I worked this backwards and applied All I Want For Christmas to Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes. Because I really want that book. I had it pre-ordered but it immediately sold out and now I am just waiting and hoping!

5) A book or character that you've been disappointed in that you think deserves a spot on the naughty list
Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle, #1)
Almost all the characters from Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Firstly, pretty sure Santa doesn't approve of murdering people (probably not anyway) and secondly, I was just really disappointed in this book and it's characters. I wanted so badly to love it.

6) A book or character that you think deserves more love and appreciation and deserves to be on the nice list
Brighton Belle (Mirabelle Bevan Mystery #1)
Brighton Belle by Sara Sheridan. I'd never heard anything about it but I picked up the first three books as a set and absolutely loved them. It's such a great mystery series.

7) Red Gold and Green: A book cover that has a wonderfully christmassy feel to it
Christmas at Lilac Cottage (White Cliff Bay #1)
I mean - I had 21 Christmas books on my TBR pile this year so there was a lot of choice. But I think my favourite is Christmas at Lilac Cottage by Holly Martin. It's just so cosy and wintry and it makes me happy everytime I see it!

8) A book or series that you love so much that you want everyone to find under their Christmas tree this year
Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)
If you don't already own it I hope you find the Six of Crows duology under your tree because everyone needs Kaz and his crew in their lives!!

I am not tagging anyone specifically this time - but if you want to get into the festive spirit and do the tag please leave me a link because I'd love to see your answers! 

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  1. Ha ha 8 more sleeps! That's kinda cool and terrifying at the same time as I'm still shopping lol. Fun tag. I'm not a HP expert but from what I've heard the Weasley's would be a fun family to have christmas. Love the Crystal Storm cover, and the Lilac cottage one does look very festive! I always like those covers when I see them.

    I need to read Six of Crows!

    1. Only 5 more sleeps now!! I've only just finished my shopping (usually I am way more organised)! I am 100% a HP expert and the Weasleys would be amazing - they're super welcoming to Harry at least!
      I recently finished Lilac Cottage and it was almost as festive as the cover which was great!
      And YES you really do! I hope you read it soon!!