Wednesday 26 October 2016

Top 5 Spooky Settings

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly feature and you can find their goodreads group here. I struggled with this at first but as soon as I started I managed to come up with the rest pretty quickly, enjoy!

1) City of Bones from the Shadow hunters series
I think that this setting was just so creepy in the book, film and TV show. They all just made it seem insanely weird, it's a whole city where the silent brothers draw power from dead shadow hunters, personally I think that is kind of creepy.

2) Haunted Houses in the Lockwood and Co series
I love this series so much and am very excited to read the next book soon. However all the settings are very spooky which I was expecting considering that they are books about ghosts and haunted houses!

3) Whooping Willows from Harry Potter
I think that although the Whopping Willows is very spooky I think that the shrieking shack that it is connected to is a lot more spooky. However both of them are very creepy.

4) All of the settings from The Women In Black
I will admit that I have never read this book but I have watched the film about 4 times and the whole thing was spooky not only the settings! I don't watch a lot of scary movies but this one is the only one I have watched and it was spooky!

5) Graveyard from Harry Potter
I think that all graveyards in books are spooky but the one from Harry Potter is one of the spookiest one I know of anyway!

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  1. Agreed on all of these! I've read the book, seen the movie, and watched the play of The Woman in Black and all of them are creepy! :D

    Lauren @ Always Me

    1. I only ever watched the film a few times and it was just so creepy. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Love your double Harry Potter spooky settings. I especially agree with you on the graveyard--such a scary and intense sequence in book 4! Great list!

    My T5W:

    1. I don't read books with many spooky settings so I could only really come up with these ones, but the graveyard in Harry Potter is one of the worst!