Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dane Cobain: Exclusive Poem

A week ago Dane Cobain an author and poet got in touch with me wondering whether or not I would like him to do something on the blog. After much consideration I decided it would be a nice change to have an exclusive poem. He then told me to pick 5 words and he would write a poem with them in for me to publish on the blog. My 5 words were pug, confess, midnight, hope and bleak, I hope you enjoy what he came up with.

Good God

Good god,
it's a good job
it’s a good blog,
like a good dog
in a mug shot
or a pug gone
to be a bulldog
in a gun shop.

Good god,
I think I’m dreaming,
something evil
and without meaning,
a bleak street
with a black sheep
screaming peaceful,
treated equal.

Good god,
they said the pope tokes dope
and I hope they’re only joking,
he’ll only choke on soap
and make ‘em vote
with coloured smoke

Good god,
I made a confession
about my indiscretions,
mentioned pendants
with emeralds,
and I confess
I confessed
a false confession.

Good god,
I’m the midnight man
with an in-flight ban,
a big old house
for you to live in.

Good god,
I forgot
what I wanted
to mention.

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