Tuesday 31 October 2017

Fear Factor


I'm a wimp who loves horror movies. Confusing no? Basically I haven't seen very many and they always freak me out for LONG LONG after the movie finished. This is why I usually watch monster movies and disaster movies - all the fun none of the "OMFG WHAT". So I decided to let Veronika @ Regal Critiques pick out some horror movies for me to watch and rate the "fear factor" of them. This is, obviously, a fully flawless idea that cannot go wrong in any way.

The Conjuring

 movie film horror the conjuring lili taylor GIF
The DVD claims this was "the scariest movie of the year" which is already a forbidding start. For science I'm going to watch this with the lights off. For science or because I'm an idiot. We'll see.

After watching:
OK. Uhm. Right. So first off lights off was a bad idea. But also maybe a great idea because I was so very, very scared for most of this film. I started the film laughing which slowly devolved into me sending Vera messages along the lines of "WTF WTF WTF". Genuine jumpscares which I always love but not so many of them that they become predictable. There was even one where I fully expected a jumpscare and tensed up and then nothing. Which was almost worse. This is a full on haunted house and possession movie so felt like a classic. I did think Annabelle would have a larger role to play but kinda glad she didn't cause sheesh. Overall I definitely recommend this. But maybe don't watch it alone in the dark. Or do. Who am I to judge?


 horror scary demon insidious GIF

Again with the lights off because I guess horror is just no fun unless you're properly scared.

After watching:
It had its moments but for the most part this wasn't that scary. The old lady sure was. Something about elderly ladies with veils and Victorian garb that is just mega scary. But funnily enough men with bright red faces and hooves make me think "circus" more than fear. There were, like I said, some actually scary moments but there were more times when I was bored than scared. I will give it props for a great ending though.

The Descent

 movie horror the descent GIF
This one actually wasn't recommended to me. This is the first horror movie I ever watched but I was very young when I watched it so thought I'd try again and see if it still scares the heck outta me.

After watching:
Yep. OK. This is still the horror movie I measure all other horror movies against. So tense, so terrifying and so, so dark. I'm majorly claustrophobic so the whole caving angle really adds a layer of extreme fear for me. If you love horror and haven't seen this I highly recommend it.

I've now successfully given myself lots of nightmare fodder and had a really good time doing it (weirdly enough). Have you seen any of these movies or do you have any more recommendations for me?


  1. I've watched none of these and I'm preeetty sure I won't ever either :D I never switch off the lights when watching horror movies (I did, once, and it scarred me for life) and I actively avoid watching anything horror unless I'm in the company of someone else lolol. You should watch Mirrors and Shutter, if you haven't- they'll scare you alright ;)

  2. I'm so happy you liked The Conjuring!! As for Insidious, yep, it is a kind of ridiculous movie? Like, the red demon guy is more laughable than scary. BUT if you thought the old lady was scary, you'll likely find the second movie better (it was better, imo, actually), because the secrets behind her character are revealed. Argh, I *need to* watch The Descent! Not sure when but I'll get around to it soon. Amazing post! Also, I see Ruzi mentioned Mirrors - and I second that, you should watch it if you haven't yet.