Saturday 21 October 2017

Halloween MASH

If you haven't played MASH before it's pretty simple! You have a few categories (like Job, Number of Kids, Type of House etc) and various options within those. You then work through the list according to a randomly selected number (crossing off whatever you land on until only one answer remains in each category) and the results are meant to tell you what your future holds. SUPER unscientific. We decided to do a Halloween movie variation and the results are how our personal horror adventure would pan out. We each picked options for each other (teaming up with Veronika @ Regal Critiques).


Ann's options were picked by Veronika!
Ann's Thoughts: Pleased with my results because I survive but also - I get to hang out with Dean Winchester and who wouldn't be happy about that? I mean have you looked at him??


Veronika's options were picked by Clare!
Veronika's Comments: This was so fun, I especially liked thinking up the different outcomes, places etc. for Ann. As for my own MASH, I am quite satisfied with the results!? I mean, I survived, which is, obviously, the best option, but better yet, it was me all along!! *cheers* I would have been slightly more satisfied with an axe as my weapon, like Lizzie Borden, but overall, I'm really happy with my results.


Clare's options were picked by Ann!
Clare's Comments: OK so firstly - feeling some animosity here Ann! I get NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE?? NONE!?? Everyone else gets to live and I get "torn limb from limb by my own doppelganger". Wow. Mona is a pretty awesome companion though and at least I didn't get Giant Caterpillar for my villain cause that would have been... dark.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed making them!! Let us know what you think of our results and wish me luck with my not-so-bright future? Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. I love this game!