Wednesday 18 October 2017

Ann's Horror Stories

I recently entered a competition in which I had to write a story of exactly 100 words. This first story is one that I got published last year in a short story collection full of 'spine chillers after dark' stories. 

As I begin cutting, blood splatters onto my face. I smile with pleasure, he deserves this, after everything he’s done. I recall the torture I put him through first, his screams of pain, his begging for mercy, a mercy he never gave me. The bone in his leg snaps from the pressure of the saw and his leg comes away. I move onto his head, his mouth still open from his last scream, from when I finally ended his miserable life. I look over at the corner. She’s tied to a chair, watching me, crying and pleading. She is next.

This next story is another one I wrote for a competition but didn't end up using, however, I thought that I would post it for you all to enjoy.

I walk through the door not knowing what to expected. The door slams behind me making me jump. I hear a noise and start to walk towards it thinking it is Jamie. Where is he? I reach the top of the stairs and see a shadow moving around in the bedroom. I walk into the bedroom and see someone stood over by the window, I move towards them and they turn around. I see his face, it is covered in burn marks the skin peeling away, a sinister smile appears on his face as he sees me. He isn’t Jamie!

Hope you enjoyed my Halloween Horror Stories!!


  1. Yikes! :) You conveyed a lot of horror in those 100 words.

    And the second one- ooh never assume you know who's in the house ha ha!

  2. I love these!! The first one is definitely my favorite, SO GORY, I want a whole book centered around that scene, please!