Wednesday 29 November 2017

Top 5 Authors Whose Writing Talent I Want!!

You can find the group on goodreads here to check out monthly topics! This was an interesting topic for me. Ann and I are currently writing a book which we are loving. Side note - co-writing a book is such a weird process. Great to have that support but also way harder to get two brains on the same page. Literally. I found I didn't have to think very hard on this prompt, the authors and the parts of their writing I want came straight to mind which was nice! 

1) Leigh Bardugo
Leigh Bardugo is just incredible. I fangirl over her books so hard. Her Six of Crows duology may be my favourite fantasy books of all time. I want to write like her in terms of her characters. Morally grey, sometimes making seriously dodgy decisions but as a reader - impossible not to love! That's my favourite kind of character and she has mastered them! 

2) J.K. Rowling
I want Rowling's ability to craft a world. The Harry Potter universe feels so real to me and so magical. It's so perfectly built and described that I can picture it in my head super clearly. I would also love whatever magical quality she has that made her write a series that almost defined a generation and tied so many people together but that seems unlikely.

3) Philip Pullman
Sheer jealousy of his writing style here but also - he makes everything make sense. Anything could happen in his books and I'd think "yes of course". I don't know whether that's fully down to research or to immersing himself in his own world somehow but I want it. 

4) Cat Winters
Description. Cat Winters makes you see and smell and taste the world she is writing about. I always get lost in a Cat Winters book entirely, dead to the world don't even try to talk to me lost.

5) Anne Fortier
Anne Fortier has written only two books, Juliet and The Lost Sisterhood. But I loved them both. She can tell two stories at once and have them interlock perfectly. And I don't even prefer one story to the other. I love this format but its very rare that I don't prefer one half of the book to the other so I am super impressed by how she does this! 

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  1. Ooh, such good picks! I need to get to Juliet, because I really want to see why you love Frontier's books so much! I have never read anything by Pullman, I take it I should?