Friday 18 May 2018

Clare Reviews: Elemental Claim by Miranda Grant

Elemental Claim (War of the Myth #1)Title: Elemental Claim
Author: Miranda Grant
Series: War of the Myth #1
Format: E-book
Source: Received from the author for an honest review
Pages: 296
Rating: 4.5/5
Blurb: The mission always came first…until her.
Rogan’s dedicated his life to protecting the Seven Planes. So when an ancient evil rises, he doesn't hesitate to volunteer his team. But immediately, things start to go wrong. Their intel is leaked to a gang hunting creatures of the Myth. Emma, the woman they grab is the wrong twin and worse, she’s protected by the gods. Drawn into an intricate game where one wrong move means the annihilation of the Seven Planes, Rogan can’t allow himself to be distracted by the soft lips of his captive. Especially since Emma's very existence is a crime. But when her life is required for the success of the mission, Rogan finds that he'll chance everything to save her.
Within a few hours, Emma’s safe, little life crashes down around her. Driven off a bridge and drowned in a world of nightmares, Emma instinctively clings to the man that saves her. But when she wakes chained to a bed and interrogated over facts she doesn’t know, she realizes that her sexy savior might not have her best interests at heart after all. Forced to stay by his side, Emma is dragged into a terrifying reality where her twin sister stars as a mass murderer and Emma herself is wanted for being a descendant – a forbidden child of the gods. With so much at stake, does she dare listen to her heart and trust the very man meant to imprison her?

This is easily my favourite Paranormal Fantasy I've read all year. It was unique and brilliant, well written and fast paced with characters to die for (and a romance that I adored). 

Elemental Claim contains that most rare of characters - a totally realistic and likable heroine and hero. Seriously the way in which Emma reacts to all the things that happen to her just made me fall in love with her. Early on in the book she reacts to an attempted kidnapping with basic self defence. Not sudden unrealistic fighting moves, not panicked screaming - she just fought back and ran (we learn she has had self defence lessons so her natural instinct is cool and makes sense). And this pragmatism continues throughout the book. She does freak out at times and she doesn't instantly know the way out of every situation - but she does react naturally and this makes her come across as more real and so the story, by extension, feels more real. (Which, I mean there are gods and all sorts of paranormal stuff happening here so that's pretty impressive). 

Rogan is kind of my new favourite Paranormal Fantasy hero. Its a genre awash with possessive (sometimes creepily so) and never-ever-wrong men. And Rogan is, don't get me wrong, super-skilled at what he does. But he also makes mistakes (and admits them) and his confusion and the mental gymnastics he goes through to rationalise everything early on in the story is both adorable and hilarious. As could be expected from two characters I adore - the romance is also spectacular. It's rare for me to find a romance about which I have no reservations but here I wholeheartedly believed in Emma and Rogan and loved every moment they shared. 

There is a lot happening in this world and it did take me a little bit to get everything straight - but that's fine because Emma is just as lost so I got to discover everything alongside her. Which made this a way more enticing read because I constantly just wanted to get home and read what happened next and uncover more of the world and characters. Mythology is something I love (I studied it in college after all) so it's always exciting to see so many gods and mythological elements brought into the story - and really skilfully brought in as well. There were a lot of really lovely touches that I don't want to spoil. I especially loved how accurately Miranda portrayed the personalities of the gods. 

This was such a refreshing and exciting read and Miranda Grant is going straight on my list of favourite fantasy writers. I am lucky enough to have book 2 in the series as well and I will be reading it very soon - so keep an eye out for that review later! 


  1. Nice! Sounds great, and I love the sound of the mythological elements. Emma and Rogan sound pretty awesome... :)

    1. It was great! And Emma and Rogan were definitely awesome - two of my favourite characters this year I think!

  2. This book sounds fantastic. Great review!