Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Top 5 Fictional Items I'd Give as Gifts

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly feature and you can find the goodreads group here. I soon as I heard this weeks top 5 I know that it would definitely be an easier one to do because there are so many fictional items that could be given as a gift, the difficult part was not making them all from Harry Potter!

1) A Wand
I know that this is a very obvious one but I think that everyone I know would love to receive a wand as a present!

2) Isabelle Lightwoods Whip 
I didn't want to go for all Harry Potter and I personally would love to receive this as a present and I know that at least one of my friends would love to get it as a gift for Christmas as well.

3) Seraph Blades
This is another item from Mortal Instruments which is a little bit weird but I think that they would make a great gift for someone who loves weapons (my twin). This would just be a more unusual and weird present than some of the other gifts.

4) A Flying Car
Who would not want to receive a flying car as a present? If someone I knew were to give me a flying car as a present, then they would definitely be the most amazing friend every. Although it might be a little bit expensive!

5) A Lightsaber
I would definitely buy one or more of my friends a Lightsaber if I could because I have always thought that they are the coolest things ever!

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Greg said...

Oh I would love a lightsaber. Which color would you want (geekiest question ever)? I like the green ones. :) And Seraph Blades sound cool. A flying car would be the best...

Ann Stone said...

I think that I would want a red Lightsaber just because I like the colour. :) A flying car would be amazing! Thanks for visiting!

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