Monday, 6 March 2017

Cover Characteristic: Elephants

Cover Characteristic is a weekly feature hosted by Sugar & Snark. I loved this week's topic. Not just because Elephants are great but also because it led me to one of my favourite things - the circus. 

The Wanderers (The Wanderers, #1)That Time I Joined the CircusWater for ElephantsElephant Song
The Fifth Elephant (Discworld, #24)Elephants Can Remember (Hercule Poirot, #37)ChainedAn Elephant in the Garden
An Elephant in the GardenAn Elephant in the GardenTamburlaine's Elephants Tamburlaine's Elephants

So yeah, unsurprisingly a lot of books this week! It's hard to pick a favourite cover but I really love The Wanderers and The Fifth Elephant. Next week's topic is New York City which should provide quite a variety of covers!

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Greg said...

Ooh you found lots! I can't believe I didn't think of The Wanderers lol since I have that to read. And Water for elephants- good one! I have that one too but a different cover version. My favorite here though might be That Time I Joined the Circus. That's a good one.

Barb said...

I love the cover of Elephant in the Garden which features the snowy scene. How beautiful. Of course, I love elephants anyway. Nice bunch of covers this week!

brittanysbookrambles said...

This seems like it would be a super hard topic, but you found so many covers! The Wanderers cover is so lovely :) Thanks for sharing!

Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

Clare Stone said...

Haha! I literally only remembered The Wanderers because I saw it on your blog so you definitely should have thought of it!!

Clare Stone said...

Yes! That one is so beautiful! Elephants are great!

Clare Stone said...

I totally thought it would be but then I got started and found SO many! I really want to read The Wanderers! :)

Christina Torretta said...

So happy to see The Fifth Elephant on someone's list! I only chose my top five but it was hard! There are so many cute elephant covers.

My Cover Characteristic - Elephants

Sugar and Snark said...

Can't believe I forgot about That Time I Joined The Circus!
Sorry that this week's post was a little late!
Thanks for joining in last week :)

Sugar & Snark

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