Thursday 27 August 2015

September 2015 New Releases

These are books due for release in September that I am excited to read. I will not necessarily be reading them in September as I do not have all of them pre-ordered (I can't afford that!) so I may have to wait for my local library, which is a shame but I am excited to read these however long it takes me to get to them!

Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods and Royals, #1)Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)
Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas: Due for Release 1st September. YES! Finally! I feel like I've been waiting on this one forever.
Only a Kiss by Mary Balogh: Due for Release 1st September. The latest in her Survivors series. I've really enjoyed all the previous books so here's hoping.
Cloud 9 by Alex Campbell: Due for Release 3rd September. The premise of this one just fascinates me. I haven't heard any hype around it but the plot and the cover have convinced me to try it.
Crow Mountain by Lucy Inglis: Due for Release 3rd September. Trapped in a storm is one of my favourite tropes.
The Next Together by Lauren James: Due for Release 3rd September. I have heard good things about this one so I'm trying to make sure not to let my hopes get too high and spoil it.
Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman: Due for Release 9th September. So much buzz around this.
This is One Moment by Mila Gray: Due for Release 10th September. I really, really loved Come Back to Me so I'm hoping this one will be just as good.
Mirrored by Alex Flinn: Due for Release 15th September. Fairy Tale retelling. Pretty much an Auto-Buy
Maid of Wonder by Jennifer McGowan: Due for Release 15th September. The third book in the series. Each book follows a different girl, and they are all very individual.
Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prineas: Due for Release 15th September. Another Fairy Tale retelling. Really excited for this one.
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: Due for Release 29th September. I was undecided about the Grisha trilogy but I've heard that this is so much better!

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