Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday Reads and Friday 56

By Midnight (Ravenwood Mysteries, #1)Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1)The Girl in the Steel Corset (Steampunk Chronicles, #1)
I am currently reading By Midnight by Mia James which I don't know if I am going to finish it because it is a bit boring at the moment. I am also still reading Anne of Green Gables and I am ahead of schedule for reading it because I couldn't help myself and needed to read more. I am then going to read The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross which I can't wait to read because it looks and sounds so awesome.

The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles, #3)NetherwoodTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaUneasy Lies the Head (Tudor Saga, #1)
I am currently reading The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan, which is the last book in the Kane Chronicles (at least for now). I am enjoying this series but I definitely recommend reading Percy Jackson first if you are going to read Riordan, it's still my personal favourite. I am also still making (fairly slow) progress through Uneasy Lies the Head by Jean Plaidy and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. I aim to be on page 165 of Uneasy Lies the Head and 139 of Twenty Thousand Leagues by the end of this weekend. I also hope to read Netherwood by Jane Sanderson - although I definitely would need to finish it before Monday since we are doing the Bout of Books Read-a-thon and I really want to start fresh next week since I have a TBR for the read-a-thon I'd rather not mess with.

On a slight side note - our Read-a-thon TBR will be up on Sunday and I will put a link here once it's up.

Friday 56:
Friday 56 is hosted by Freda's Voice. The idea is to grab a book, turn to page 56 (or 56% in an e-reader and find any sentence (no spoilers) and then post it. 

"She was strong and fast, but a bullet could kill her just as easily as it killed anyone else."

"She felt even stronger than she had before punching that idiot governess."
The Girl in the Steel Corset (Steampunk Chronicles, #1)
I wasn't entirely sure what this book was about because the blurb is kind of short and non descriptive but now after reading these quotes I am excited to read it because this character sounds badass and awesome.

Blurb: In 1987 England, sixteen year old Finley Jayne has no one... except the 'thing' inside her.
'There's a darkness within me, something I can't always control.
If you like a girl with a secret side, you're gonna love me...'

"The silence of the crowds on the streets of Grangely held for longer than the policemen found comfortable. The rasp of the boots on the road rang out like artillery shots as they marched as a body into the row of houses farthest from the colliery, closest to the outskirts of the town. The mounted police now hung back; their instructions were to advance only in the event of the mob growing nasty."
I couldn't take a Friday 56 from my currently reading books without causing spoilers so I decided to have a peek at the next book in my plans for the weekend and found myself pleasantly surprised. I was expecting this book to be either fluffy historical, or lots of historical detail but this seems different from both of those. I really like this paragraph, it's so atmospheric and tense and I just know that things are about to get bad.

Blurb: Above stairs Lord Netherwood keeps his considerable fortune, and the upkeep of Netherwood Hall, ticking over with profits from his three coal mines. The welfare of his employees isn't a pressing concern - more important is keeping his wife and daughters happy and ensuring the heir to the family wealth, the charming but feckless Tobias, stays out of trouble.
Below stairs Eve Williams is the wife of one of Lord Netherwood's employees. When her life is brought crashing down, Eve must look to her own self-sufficiency and talent to provide for her three young children. And it's then that 'upstairs' and 'downstairs' collide in truly dramatic fashion...


sherry fundin said...

Some great looking reads and quite the variety. Enjoy.
sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Netherwood looks tempting...and I loved Anne of Green Gables. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

Kathy Martin said...

I liked The Girl in the Steel Corset and the rest of the series too. Of course, I'm a big fan of steampunk and romance. This week I am spotlighting Dragonseye by Anne McCaffrey which has been living on TBR mountain forever. Happy reading!

Ann Stone said...

I love steampunk too it is great. Ha you sound like my sister Clare she has a massive TBR mountain too. Enjoy reading Dragonseye it sound like a great book.

Ann Stone said...

Thank you I am sure we will enjoy reading them.

Sam Frost said...

I read the Girl in the Steel Corset several years ago and remember thoroughly enjoying it.

My f56:

Anne Bennett said...

Well, one thing I can say for you two both like to read and read a lot. I am impressed by how many books you are both juggling. I do the same thing as Clare, set myself reading challenges. I will say I can't go to sleep until I've read 25 pages, etc. I am currently working on a book of essays about Jane Austen's writing and each chapter is around 15 pages long. I tell myself that I CAN read at least one chapter before doing anything else. It keeps me going.

Ann Stone said...

I cannot wait to read it next because it sounds amazing. I don't know but I think Clare has Rook and I love the cover.

Laura Thomas said...

That's quite a mix of classics and newer books. Both blurbs were good. The first one cracked me up.

Here's my 56 -

Alicia AKernelofNonsense said...

I believe I have read The Girl in the Steel Corset, but never got around to finishing the series. I hope you both enjoy your reads!

Nicole MissDotHacker said...

A steel corset, that sounds beyond uncomfortable but I do like the excerpt.

Netherwood sounds interesting as well. Happy Friday!

Clare Stone said...

Thank you! I am definitely way more productive with my reading if I set myself goals for the day! And the book juggling happens almost accidentally, I'm only really meant to be reading two books at a time but it never seems to work out that way! Thanks for visiting!

Lillie Marcheggiani said...

The Girl In The Steel Corset sounds very intriguing and that quote peaked my interest!
You both seem to be enjoying your time running this blog and I really admire that! New follower via GFC :) Happy weekend!

Here's my Friday 56!
Lillie @LittleLillieReads

Clare Stone said...

As much as I am enjoying The Serpents Shadow I am so intrigued by Netherwood and I really want to be able to read it before Monday! Thanks for visiting!

Clare Stone said...

We are trying trying to read at least one classic each month! I read The Girl in the Steel Corset a while back and did find it quite funny, I am hoping Ann will enjoy it as well. Thanks for visiting!

Clare Stone said...

Yeah, I read it myself a while ago and although I enjoyed it I never carried on. Maybe if Ann really likes it we might get the rest of the series. Thanks for visiting!

Clare Stone said...

I'm not sure what would make someone think a steel corset was a good idea! But it is a fun book. I am really looking forward to Netherwood! Happy Friday and thanks for visiting!

Clare Stone said...

Thank you very much for the follow! We are enjoying it, having Ann blogging with me makes it so much more fun I think! Happy weekend!

fredamans said...

I love the kick-ass female in the first one, but love me some Downton Abbey so am loving the latter too!
Happy weekend!

Clare Stone said...

The ideal would obviously be a Downton Abbey type novel with a kick ass main character! Happy weekend and thanks for visiting!

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