Saturday 8 April 2017

Fairy Loot Unboxing: Myths and Monsters

What was in the box?

  • Silver Dragon Scale Scarf: This was made exclusively for the box by GivArt and is so lovely. Its very soft and very pretty and I've already worn it a couple of times.
  • Unicorn Fairy Lights: These were made by Mustard and they made Ann so freaking happy! She has been wanting fairy lights for a really long time now so the second we opened the box and saw these (literally the first thing we saw) I think this box was her favourite!
  • Nephilim Candle: An exclusive from Geeky Clean. This smells incredible and I really hope candles are going to be a frequent thing because I love them so much. This one is black cherry and lime and is honestly just so lovely.
  • Mermaid Pocket Mirror: Design exclusive from Book Otter. I am always up for a mirror for my handbag (cause apparently I'm super vain?) but this one is really pretty as well. 
  • Dragon and Phoenix Magnetic Bookmarks: Exclusive from Bonitismo. I am not a huge bookmark person (I like them but I don't get enthusiastic) but these are my favourite things in the whole box. Believe me I am confused also. But Clare there was a CANDLE and a SCARF who even are you? But they're adorable (I have the dragon, Ann has the phoenix). Just look at them, I dare you not to want them;
  • Book of the Month: Was of course Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor and this is just the most gorgeous edition. If you follow us on Instagram (@dualreads) expect to see more of this book cause we're a little obsessed! It's got blue sprayed pages and illustrations by Laini and its signed and I just - I'm in love! 
  • Bonus Items: Anniversary booklet and Fallen Online Chapter Sampler
This was the One Year Anniversary box (HUGE congratulations to Fairy Loot) and it was just wonderful. I loved every single thing in it (especially the bookmarks) and I cannot wait to read Strange the Dreamer - which, fortunately I just pulled out of my TBR jar so its up next!! I know I say this every month but I mean it - I adore Fairy Loot. I have not had one single disappointment since I started receiving their boxes and I am always excited for the next one! 
Next month's theme is Dreams & Wishes and I am super excited for it! Once again I think I know what the book is which is always exciting (I am terrified of accidentally buying a book and then getting it in Fairy Loot as well). 

In yesterdays Friday Reads I mentioned the possibility of setting up a linky each week to share your favourite blog post from the past week - whatever you are most proud of or most enjoyed putting together. And I got a really positive response so thank you very much for that! I am going to move ahead and work out the details and will let you know in tomorrows Sunday Post when I've got everything organised!!

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