Saturday 16 January 2016

A Story of Love

So today I was supposed to do a review but I still have yet to finish any books so I decided to mix things up a bit and do a short story. This is one I wrote for one of my sisters friends a few years ago. Hope you enjoy!!!

It all started when the vampires began to stray onto human turf. They were taking humans and using them as slaves and walking blood dispensers. This angered the humans and of course it started a war between both sides as a result. Two years on the war is still going strong and neither side is winning. All that has come of it so far is lots of blood shed from both sides. There are four people trying to stop this war though. Two are vampires and two are human. The vampires are Beatrice and Dylan who were arranged to be married before they were born, but Dylan is in love with a human called Steph. Steph is one of the humans I was telling you about before the other human is Patrick. Patrick and Steph are siblings. Of course Dylan and Steph can’t be together because of the war so they are trying to stop it. Then, of course, we have the lovely news that Beatrice and Patrick are in love as well so they wanted to help stop the war too, so that they can live happily in the in between land but with the war going on the in between land is a battlefront covered in dead bodies. Their plan was to wait until night time, which is when most of the war is going on as vampire’s burn to death in sunlight, and then take some bombs and place them right in the middle of both sides stash of weapons and the buildings where they build weapons so neither side could make anymore. That would mean that the war would have to stop as both sides wouldn’t have any weapons left. It would also mean that they would have to work together to put out the fires which would make them allies once more.
They snuck in, in the middle of the night, when the war was at full swing and, as they had planned, they took the bombs and buried them in the middle of the weapons and also in the warehouse where they build the weapons (Patrick and Steph did this to the human stash and Beatrice and Dylan did this to the vampire stash). After they had done this, they went out into the between land to meet up. After they had met up, Steph said ”and now we wait.”
An hour later, they heard a massive boom which made them jump. They then saw a large cloud of smoke rising up from both sides. Shouting could be heard from both sides of the between as people and vampires ran around trying to put out the fires.

A couple of days later, after the fires had been put out and the rebuilding process had begun, the war was stopped and the agreement about not crossing onto the other sides land was signed. Steph’s and Patricks parents agreed to let them live in the between land and so did Dylan’s mum. On the other hand, Beatrice’s parents took a lot more convincing but, in the end, they did agree. Soon they were having houses built and making sure they had enough supplies only going back to their domains when they needed more supplies or wanted to see their parents.

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