Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Reads 2nd October 2015

Friday 56 is hosted at Freda's Voice, the idea is to grab a book, turn to page 56 (or 56% in an e-book) and find any sentence (no spoilers!) and then post it. Book Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are currently reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence and impressions about the book.

Washington SquareA Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell Mystery, #1)Everything, EverythingBlack Ice
I have just started my Classic of the month Washington Square by Henry James and I am aiming to read about 60 pages this weekend. I am also currently reading A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn which I am very much enjoying so far. When I have finished that I will be moving on to Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon which isn't remotely Halloween-y but it's just arrived and I am not allowing myself to put new books on the shelf and forget about them any more like I used to!! And then if I get time I will be reading Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. I have already been mildly spoiled for it so I'm not sure how much that will affect my enjoyment of it but hopefully I will like it.

A Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell Mystery, #1)
Book Beginning;
"I stared down into the open grave and wished that I could summon a tear."

This isn't as compelling a start as her Silent in the Grave series had but I love how Deanna Raybourn always jumps right into the story, there is action pretty soon after this but she still manages to set the scene without me getting bored for a second which is great.

Washington Square
Friday 56;
""Be so good as to let me know what is going on in this house," he said to her, in a tone which, under the circumstances, he himself deemed genial."Going on Austin?" Mrs Penniman exclaimed. "Why, I am sure I don't know! I believe that last night the old gray cat had kittens?"

I haven't reached this point but from what I can tell the Doctor thinks there is something shady going on and Mrs Penniman is either keeping secrets or being oblivious but it does lead to a whole absurd argument about cats that I love!

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Lauren Stoolfire said...

I can't wait to read Everything, Everything and A Curious Beginning! Black Ice wasn't for me, but I hope you enjoy it.

Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).

Clare Stone said...

I tried to read Black Ice once and couldn't get into it but I want to try again before I abandon it! Thanks for visiting

Kathy Martin said...

I enjoyed A Curious Beginning but I haven't read her other series yet. I am spotlighting Sinner's Steel by Sarah Castille this week. Happy reading!

Clare Stone said...

I have read and loved all Deanna Raybourn's books. She is one of the most consistently compelling authors I have ever read! Thanks for visiting

Sandra Nachlinger said...

I'm wondering why I haven't read Washington Square. That book needs to go on my TBR list.
My Friday post features Beneath Montana’s Sky.

Clare Stone said...

I do tend to like Henry James and I am feeling confident about Washington Square, seems like it could be a great read! Thanks for visiting

Maria said...

I like the beginning for A Curious Beginning because you already know it's going to somehow be tied to someone's death and maybe some kind of mystery. I've never read anything by Henry James novel though I have seen three movies made from his books for visiting my blog earlier!

Clare Stone said...

The mysteries in Deanna Raybourn's books are always so compelling! I do like Henry James but I find all his books are very Marmite, I can love one and then really dislike the next. I am hoping this is a love one! I haven't seen any of the movies and I really need to! Thanks for visiting

Elizabeth said...

A CURIOUS BEGINNING was good. Odd characters but good.

ENJOY...I actually have a giveaway going until October 7 for the book.

Silver's Reviews
My Book Beginnings

Clare Stone said...

That's great! Thanks for visiting

Elizabeth B said...

I love the cover of the Deanna Raybourn, it's different than the ones I've seen around. I love her books and want to get to this new series soon. Thanks fo visiting today.

Clare Stone said...

I was quite glad to get this cover. I had seen the others as well but I prefer my cover! Having just finished it I can say it was incredibly good! Thanks for visiting

sherry fundin said...

The Book Beginning for A Curious Beginning has me curious. LOL
sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

Clare Stone said...

It was a brilliant book, I definitely recommend it. Thanks for visiting

fredamans said...

A Curious Beginning is one I'd like to read. You have a different cover than I've seen though. I like it. Happy weekend!

Amanda Marie said...

I don't think I've read any of the books on this list but I have heard a lot about Everything Everything.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Clare Stone said...

I think I prefer this cover to the other one, although I do like them both! Thanks for visiting

Clare Stone said...

I did enjoy Everything, Everything although I didn't love it! Thanks for visiting!

Amy said...

Burned! Love the book beginning! It makes you wonder who that person was. Was it someone close? Or was it someone really sinister and they just can't show remorse?
Fantastic beginning :D
Amy x

Clare Stone said...

Deanna Raybourn always has such wonderful first sentences I swear! Thanks for visiting! :)

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