Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Top 5 Nostalgic Ships

The prompt this week is to "discuss the first fictional couples you ever got butterflies over, or couples you used to be really into when you were younger" which is super interesting to me because my taste in ships has completely changed over time! 

1. Katniss and Peeta
The absence of any acceptable ship name aside (seriously think about it) - these two were one of my first ever book ships! And actually is one of those that stood the test of time. I still think Peeta was the best (and only) choice here - I have zero patience for Gale. I mostly enjoyed how different they were and how it complimented their relationship rather than distancing them from each other. Plus they were just cute.

2. Alina and The Darkling
DID NOT stand the test of time. I re-read these recently and mostly just got annoyed with later book Darkling. I still think he is one of the best villains ever and I of course have a book crush on him. But as a ship I no longer see anything there. Not that I like Mal either - I saw someone recently describe him as soggy bread and yes, exactly that. (I'm all about Nikolai now thank you).

3. Harry and Draco
Look the Harry Potter fandom was a weird place way back when. You ever read My Immortal? Cause yikes. Oh now I'm nostalgic for that as well. But in the dark recesses of my teenage mind Harry and Draco made all the sense. I still now, and forever, will maintain that Draco was the product of abusive parenting and had potential to grow (which I hope he did), but he was in no way in a place for a romantic relationship and teen me was weird. Side note though - I will forever believe that Draco had an unrequited crush on Harry and was very confused about it. 
Here are some other genuine ships that I was not into thank god: Hagrid/Hermione, Harry/Dumbledore, Draco/Apple (I mean what?) and of course the ever good Harry/The Floor. Just, what the hell was happening. 

4. Tessa and Will
I remember getting really needlessly worked up over the whole Will vs Jem debate. Now I'm like "why not both" and seriously - why not. There's even a line about them being perfectly fine with her loving both of them so I reckon they'd have been totally down for polyamory. I still love Will best though. Just saying.

5. Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth)
Forever and ever. Literally every relationship in every Riordan book tbh, including the best friendships. But Percabeth are the original and most nostalgic. I love them so much and I've put The House of Hades as my book to represent this because frankly them going through Tartarus was basically one of my favourite book things ever. 

Leave a link or a comment below so I can check out your Top 5's!! 

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  1. It was quite a convenient solution Clare came up with for the Tessa-Will-Jem problem (sort of reminds of how it all went down with Splintered too). But yeah, Tessa and Will had a love for the ages.