Saturday 4 February 2017

Ann's January Wrap Up and February TBR

January Wrap Up:

I managed to read 12 books this month which is great because I am never normally able to read that many books in one month before so I am very pleased, below are all the books I read! I also read one Classic this month - not listed here but you can find our Classic of the Month wrap up here. These are in the order I read them. 

Game of FearThe Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co. #4)HeartbeatThe Name of the Star (Shades of London, #1)
Game Of Fear by Glede Browne Kabongo: I really enjoyed this book it was a great start to the year because it is always great for your first book of the year to be one that you really enjoy!
The Creeping Shadow by Jonathon Stroud: I have been waiting to read this book for a while now and I read it this month and it was brilliant! I loved all the characters and it is one of my favourite books of this month.
Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott: I had not heard of this book until I found it on the bookshelf and I really enjoyed it, it was a great story and I really liked the characters so overall it was a good book with an amazing plot!
The Name Of The Stars by Maureen Johnson: I am not sure why I haven't read this before because it was incredible, the plot was amazing and I definitely plan on reading the rest of the books because I really want to know what is going to happen.
Username: Regenerated (Username, #2)Lies I Told (Lies I Told, #1)Fury (The Fury Trilogy, #1)Twilight (Twilight, #1)
Username: Regenerated by Joe Sugg: This is one of the only graphic novels that I have read but it makes me want to read more to see what they are like!
Lies I told by Michelle Zink: This is another book that I found on my bookshelf that intrigued me and so I decided I would read it this month and overall it was great, I hope to be able to read the next book soon!
Fury by Elizabeth Miles: I was not planning on reading this book this month but I was trying to read books I wouldn't normally read and so I wanted to see what it was like and overall I really liked it.
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer: I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would, I didn't love it but I didn't hate it, overall it was the kind of book that I would read if I was bored and didn't have anything else to read!
My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers, #1)My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers, #2)My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers, #3)Feeling Sorry for Celia (Ashbury/Brookfield, #1)
My Soul To Take, My Soul To Save, My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent: I read these three books but I didn't realise that we only had to first three books in the series so now it is really annoying because I can't read the rest of the books in the series even though I would love to!
Feeling Sorry For Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty: I read this for the #24in48 Readathon because I really needed one more short book to finish towards the end but it turned out to be a good book that I really enjoyed!

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February TBR:

I really liked not having a TBR for January because I actually read more, so this month I am not going to have a TBR and I am going to try to read more books than I normally do because I have a lot of books to read!

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  1. I loved My Soul To Take but haven't continued the series. I should. You did good though for reading. Happy February!

    1. Thanks, I really want to read the rest of the series and I hope to soon! Thanks for visiting!