Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wednesday Catch-Up 30th March 2016

Every Wednesday we are linking up with WWW Wednesday. WWW Wednesday is hosted at Taking on a World of Words and asks 3 questions: What are you currently reading?, What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you'll read next? 


Currently Reading:
Spy's Honor (Hearts and Thrones, #2)The Warden
I have just started Spy's Honor by Amy Raby which didn't immediately grab me as much as the first in the series did but I think I am going to enjoy it. I am nearly finished with The Warden by Anthony Trollope and will probably be finished either today or tomorrow. I've really enjoyed this book - it's a lot more interesting than its premise would suggest.

Recently Finished:
Red Queen (Red Queen, #1)Glass Sword (Red Queen, #2)Assassin's Gambit (Hearts and Thrones, #1)
I've had quite a slow reading week this week, mostly because of Red Queen and Glass Sword which I found I didn't enjoy as much as I had hoped I would. I found them to be too similar to other YA books and I just didn't like any of the main characters. Since I was feeling on the verge of a reading slump I then decided to read Assassin's Gambit by Amy Raby which I hoped would be a light read. It was somewhat more fantasy and politics oriented than I had expected but I did enjoy it and I loved the main character.

Planning to Read Next:
Prince's Fire (Hearts and Thrones, #3)Because of Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys & Bridgertons, #1)The Girl in 6E (Deanna Madden, #1)
Next I am planning on reading Prince's Fire which is the third book in the Hearts and Thrones series and I am looking forward to that. And then I definitely want to read Because of Miss Bridgerton which arrived yesterday - I have loved all of Julia Quinn's books. They are definitely on the light and fun side and usually have great characters and humour. I am very curious about The Girl in 6E because although I've seen it around a lot I haven't heard much about it so I am not sure what to expect but I am hopeful.

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clairehuston said...

I have Glass Sword coming up this weekend and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. One of my main issues with Red Queen was that I didn't find Mare sympathetic and apparently she gets more annoying in book 2 :-( I'm trying really hard not to re-judge, but I have a bad feeling!

Here's my WWW:

Sam said...

I'm sorry Aveyard's books didn't quite do it for you. I'm nervous to watch them because I'm afraid I'll feel the same way. Happy reading!

Emily Witt said...

I really love the covers of Red Queen and Glass Sword, but I've seen a lot of reviews with similar comments to yours, and I think I'll just find them disappointing, so I've left them alone for now.

Here's my WWW:

Clare Stone said...

I'm sorry to add to any pre-judging but in my opinion she definitely does get even more annoying. She is just not a character I could root for! Good luck!

Clare Stone said...

They definitely weren't for me, thanks for visiting!

Clare Stone said...

They do have beautiful covers but they were very disappointing to read so that's probably the right decision. I tried to avoid reviews beforehand but I kind of wish I had read some now, it might have made me more aware that they weren't for me.

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